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Suzuki is the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in Japan and one of the largest and most recognisable ones in the world. The brand offers 4x4 automobiles, wide variety of motorcycles, marine engines, wheelchairs and many more. Today Suzuki operates over 30 production facilities in more than 20 countries and has a well trained and carefully selected staff of 45,000 employees.

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  • Nobody
    birdie ralph
    From over 3 years

    I am trying to get to the bottom of an answer as to why Suzuki Australia would not honour my warranty with my 2017 grand vitara. My case was never heard and and head office acted as judge and jury before I could even put a case forward

  • Nobody
    From almost 4 years

    I have 2015 Suzuki swift, i have problem with breaks they making noise and they don't know what's the problem is and telling me to come next week and still they couldn't fix and telling me to come next week because they are fully booked with other.

  • Nobody
    Susie Hines
    From almost 4 years

    I have a 2013 Suzuki SX4 which I love and she has only done 33.000kms and is impeccable condition. I was surprised today when I was told that the computer under the front bonnet was basically 'stuffed' and would cost me over $1200 to get repaired

  • Nobody
    From almost 4 years

    To whom this may concern,


  • Nobody
    From almost 4 years

    Hi! To Whom it may concern,
    please let me know when suzuki grand vitara sport 2017 is out..
    please email me.. thanks

  • Nobody

    From over 4 years

    My Suzuki is 3 years old next week and the warranty runs out, I have contacted Suzuki many times in the last 2 years but was told that there is nothing wrong with my car, come next week the warranty will expire and that is what they are hoping.

  • Nobody
    From almost 5 years

    Suzuki Alto 2009 model. Airbag light keeps coming on and staying on. All sensors that can be reached have been checked and cleared. Anyone have this problem? Now recommendation is to replace entire driver's seat.

  • Nobody
    Noel Robinson
    From almost 5 years

    I own a 2002 GSX 1400 motorcycle. The bike is not used often, its a toy and has only travelled 23000klm since new. I replaced fuel pump in May 2014, again Oct 2015 and now 8 months and 2500 klm I am advised fuel pump again needs replacement.

  • Nobody
    Sharon & Emily Gavin
    From almost 5 years

    2014 Suzuki Swift bought brand new. Involved in a car accident on Friday, car is a total right off, no air bags deployed and passengers seat belt did not lock. Other car hit us at approx 80klms and then we struck a brick wall. Why?

  • Nobody
    Steve Marlborough
    From over 5 years

    Catylictic Converter Sensing Engine Light Problem Model 2006 Swift

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