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Penrith Netcom was established in 1994 by 18 year old university student Luke Mackinnon who decided to start a local ISP provider for Penrith so as to avoid high internet and telephone bills. The company, which initially was not intended for not more than a handful of customers, rocketed up, which made Luke leave University to dedicate homself full time to it and moved to bigger premises in Emu Plains.

In three years the company carried out significant innovations in the telecommunications map of Sydney area and all the Central Coast. It operates forefront technology and gained reputation as an adamant innovator, operating mostly through small ISP. In 2000 Penrith Netcom changed its name to Planet Netcom to reflect its rapid development and moved to what is now its current location, Martin House in High St Penrith. Currently the company is engaged in merger negotiations with EFTel and are working through their integration into the EFTel group.

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