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Peugeot is a major French manufacturer, the second largest in Europe. It was founded in 1810 as a coffee mills and bicycles factory. The first car was built in 1889 as a steam tricycle, and in in 1896 the first internal combustion car was built with a Panhard-Daimler engine. In 2009 1,739 000 vehicles were produced by a staff of approximately 198,000 people.

In 1974 Peugeot bought a 30% share of Citroën, and acquired it fully in 1975. This became possible because the French government gave large sums of money to the new company.

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    Daryll Boyce
    From over 1 year

    I purchased a new Peugeot 4008 in may 2015, the car has been hassle free until 3 months ago. It displayed a Warning "Transmission Requires Service & the engine warning lamp came on. It has been off the road for 3 months.

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