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Muffin Break is retail chain of stores offering its clients wide range of muffins, coffees and other beverages. Muffin Break has its origins in Canada in the early 1980's. Latter on Foodco Group acquired rights to open Muffin Break in Queensland, Australia in 1989. In 2003 Muffin Break launches children's characters Freddy and Frances Fresh which had a great success among the children. Today Muffin Break has 180 stores in Australia, 36 in New Zealand and 44 in the UK. In the year 2004 Muffin Break became National Retail Association Winner, Franchisor of the Year Hospitality of Foodco Group.

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  • Nobody
    From about 2 years

    Terrible. Staff are rude, food is disgustingly prepared, the shop is dirty. I could go on and on

  • Nobody
    Rosalia Farrugia
    From over 2 years

    The staff told me to pay for another white Vienna coffee and they would not and they were laughing and I was so angry at them and I told them to give me my money and they refused to give me my money back and I was so upset and disappointed.

  • Nobody
    Rosalia Farrugia
    From over 2 years

    The staff abused me in front of customers and the young guy who called the security in shopping centre for no reason why and I reckon that is very disgusting and very embassment in front of people I was very upset and I deserve a free coffee for this

  • Nobody
    Rosalia Farrugia
    From over 2 years

    Plus I asked this young guy about making me another tall white Vienna coffee and they did,not make me another tall white Vienna coffee and the staff are very rude and they were all laughing and they did not give me a refund that's very disgusting.

  • Nobody
    Rosalia Farrugia
    From over 2 years

    I Went to Muffin Break in Succuess in Cockburn Gateways Shopping Centre on Saturday 11th of feb 2017 so I bought a tall white Vienna coffee for $5.80 as I was going to sit down in the table food court it just accidentally fell on the table.

  • Nobody
    From almost 3 years

    Hello, I am a regular customer at the Edwardstown castle plaza store. Earlier this week I was going to use one of my free coffees and both of them were not on my card, I buy coffee at least 5 times a week and I would like to have this rectified.

  • Nobody
    Sean Mccarthy
    From almost 4 years

    So went to muffin Brake lake haven NSW to get 4 pack
    For $10 and the manger would not sell me a 4 pack for
    $10 dollars I had to pay $12 ??? I showed him the email
    But no good maybe someone should tell him what is going ,
    No happy Jan ? ,

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