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Medicare Australia is an government agency that provides services in respect with health claims, information management, payments etc. It was founded in 1984. In 2011 the Australian Government Department of Human Services began delivering the health care services that were first delivered by Medicare Australia including low-cost medical, optical and hospital care, and access to cheaper prescription medicines. The payments and services of the agency cover costs such as in-hospital services, out-of-hospital services, health care services in certain countries, prescription medicines, etc.

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  • Nobody
    From almost 4 years

    What a joke CUSTOMER SERVICE non existant

  • Nobody
    From almost 4 years

    our tax dollars going to waste, useless service like the goverement

  • Nobody
    From almost 4 years

    NO service I couldn't ask a question and the Responder just hung up

  • Nobody
    From about 6 years

    what service what a joke

  • Nobody
    From over 6 years

    hopeless in answering a query, if you done have a customer access number. Frustrating inefficient and a waste of time. You should get your act together for the modern era.
    To cut me off without an alternative is rude and not smart. Hence i am peeve

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