BT Financial Group (BTFG) is the fimnancial management division of the Westpac Group. After Westpac and St.George merged in 2008, BT has taken up the wealth division of St.George bank.

BTFG is among Australia´s most trusted financial entities.

BTFG comprises various brands that provide a wide spectrum of financial services like investment, superannuation and retirement income products, investment platforms, financial advice, private banking and insurance solutions.

These brands includeAdvance;Ascalon Capital Managers; Asgard;BankSA Financial Planning and Insurance BT;BT Investment Management (60% owned by Westpac Group); Licensee Select; MagnitudeSecuritor; St.George: Financial Planning, Insurance and Private Clients; Westpac: Financial Planning, Insurance, and Private Bank.

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    0800 098 8906 BT mail phone number? Need help with my email.

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