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Amaysim is the first Australian mobile provider and only 2 years after the brand has been introduced to the market, it has billed a flawless reputation and has gained a huge number of followers. The leading team of Amaysim has one simple goal: to offer mobile services of the highest quality and to always be a head infront of the competiotion. Powered by the Optus 3G Network, the Amaysim SIM cards do not offer lock-in contracts and allow the customers to make their own decision to continue or not with the services of the provider.

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  • Nobody
    From about 2 years

    After one lost connection, Anne managed to sort out my 2 amaysim accounts. One is to do with obtaining a PUK and another for inability to make calls (SOS only) . Long wait time, but for the money I saved going with them I think it's worth it.

  • Nobody
    Gary B
    From about 2 years

    Funny reading all the comments!
    I was just waiting to be answered after being cut off twice, so decided to use the option to get help via "BUYING" a new product!
    You idiots have kidding about SERVICE what bloody service, my next call is to OMBUDSMAN

  • Nobody
    From over 2 years

    I have been incorrectly charged by Amaysim three times within one month; the first two times, they said it was a separated case, and they rectify the credit in my account, but today, the incorrect charge happens again;
    be careful of your credit

  • Nobody
    margaret dymock
    From over 2 years

    Virtually impossible to contact by phone - when you can find their no. Don't even reply to emails. I USED to tell people about Amaysim but not any more. Website is useless trying to find live chat. Most frustrated and a waste of my time.

  • Nobody
    ron harris
    From over 2 years

    words cannot say what i think of you and your company you treat your custermers like sht but your very quik to take there money for very little service

  • Nobody
    From almost 3 years

    Cannot wait to never deal with this 'company' again. Easily the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Horrible decision. Not worth it.

  • Nobody
    Richard Stokes
    From almost 3 years

    After waiting through multiple queues, Amaysim simply hung up without my being able to say anything. Not the way to treat a customer.

  • Nobody
    robert marinkovich
    From almost 3 years

    I have 2 sim connected in the last week they still don't work.i went and got a new phone still not working tried to ring customer service cant get threw tried live chat still no good.i haven't had phone service for two weeks now not very happy .

  • Nobody
    From almost 3 years

    Fuck this company. Total shit I want to sue these pricks

  • Nobody
    From about 3 years

    I cant believe everytime I call they are always experiencing a large number of calls,what a load of rubbish.Dont waste your time or money to another company

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