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Alibaba is an International trade site. It's main purpose is to connect suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, products and buyers in one big chain and thus creating an easier solution for the whole process of trading to take place. The website has built up an impressive amount of connections with international companies and manufacturers and offers a wide variety of products to the customers from all around the world.

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  • Nobody
    From about 2 years


  • Nobody
    From over 2 years

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  • Nobody

    From about 3 years

    Phone number is not connected and website does not open. Had account closed with no explaination and cannot get access. very hard to do business

  • Nobody
    From over 3 years

    I ordered several items from Aliexpress and I didn't receive some of them, when I contacted them they said it is on the way and then they blocked me. I couldn't contact them then and I didn't get my items. They're thieves.

  • Nobody
    From about 4 years

    hi i bought an item on aliexpress tracking number 68543937804512 company name shine light hair.i returned the item nut once tracking number showed item received seller laura stopped contacting me.i opened a dispute been a month nothing,its a scam

  • Nobody
    From almost 5 years

    2015-02-02 07:20:14
    What is EMS ?
    is this website a scam?
    Emeh Precious
    2015-02-02 07:19:40
    is this website a scam?
    Emeh Precious
    2015-02-02 07:12:37
    Are you for real , don't make me to report your site , don't tell me all this trash
    Emeh Precious

  • Nobody
    From about 5 years

    If AliBaba wants to do business with western customers they'll need to work on their customer service skills a lot. This isn't even about speaking English (although that helps) but about just communicating with us....assuming they actually care....

  • Nobody
    From about 5 years

    I am trying to order from AliExpress but I get a "nothing available to order at this time" message from all the suppliers I try. Sellers don't respond to my email messages, it's impossible to reach any customer service... not impressed!

  • Nobody
    cenovia contreras
    From about 5 years

    hi my names cenovia contreras i need to talk with some body

  • Nobody
    Robert Dako
    From over 5 years

    I purchased a macbook air on Aliexpress for $612 US only to be sent a cheap knock off..I paid an additional $118 to ship it back and I still have not received a refund .I opened a dispute over a month ago and still nothing..

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